Spokane Washington Area Connections

Having lived in and around the Spokane, WA area most of my life it was interesting to discover several Titanic passengers with connections to this area of the Northwest. The following is a list of Titanic passengers that had roots in or around Spokane or there destination was Spokane. Tragically all in this list perished in the disaster.

John Henry Chapman (37)

Sarah Elizabeth Chapman (29)

John had lived in Spokane and worked at a local cemetery before returning to England to marry his childhood companion Sarah Elizabeth Lawry. They were returning to Spokane when the Titanic sank. This couple was portrayed in the 1958 movie "A Night to Remember."

Margaret Rice (40)

Eugene Rice (2 1/2)

This family settled in Spokane in 1909. William Rice worked for the Great Northern Railroad at the time. He was killed in 1910 in a railroad accident. Eugene was born in October of 1909 in Spokane. Margaret was originally from Ireland and were returning from visiting family.

Johan Svensson Lundahl (51)

He had lived in Spokane for 25 years and worked as a tailor. He had returned home to his native Sweden. Johan was returning to Spokane and would have sent for his wife and daughter when he had the money for there passage.

Agda V. Lindahl (25)

Of Swedish decent, she was traveling to the United States to meet her mother in the Northeast. White Star records however have her destination as a address in Spokane.

John Bertram Brady (41)

John was from Pomeroy, WA, south of Spokane. He had been on vacation in Europe before returning home on the Titanic. He was active in the community and a member of Masonic lodges in Pomeroy and Walla Walla and the Elkatiff Temple at Spokane.

Source for the above information came from the Encyclopedia Titanica web site.

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