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Updated: 12/17/2011

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Titanic Frequently Asked Questions

Harland and Wolff Page

Ocean Planet: How Deep can they go?

Titanic Pictures, Links, etc.

Discovery Channel - Onboard the Titanic

Halifax Cemeteries

National Geographic Titanic

The Wreck of the RMS Titanic

Titanic - A Tragic Destiny

Maritime Museum of the Atlantic

The Unsinkable Ship and Halifax

R.M.S. Titanic - Centennial Celebration

People of the Titanic - Biographies of Passengers and Literary works relating to..

Thomas Andrews Story and History

Molly Brown

Dr. Washington Dodge Story

Harold Bride - Wireless Operator

John B "Jack" Thayer

William T. Stead     From the Old to the New   How the Mail Steamer Went Down..
The Wreck of the Titan: Futility by Morgan Robertson (1898)  

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